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This Interview with Enterprise Coworking is Electric!

Enterprise Coworking founded in 2016, is located in the heart of Denver, CO and shares a great connection with the community! Here is why 👇👇👇

We asked Andrew Schuh, Enterprise's Marketing manager, What motivated him to get up and continue what he does today.

-Andrew Schuh: To know I am involved in creating environments that empower members to achieve their goals. We are a smaller brand that is growing fast. With that comes brand evolution. Something that motivates me in growing a brand like this is to figure out how to provide new experiences while sticking to our initial brand pillars and who we really are.

The most important thing in this industry is to be true to your members and recognize their needs.

-Exactly - what you are trying to accomplish?

-Andrew Schuh: To create a brand known for driving the success of businesses we harbor under our roof. We want a space known less for the "fluff" and more for the performance of businesses.

We think this is the key to success. ☝

-Where are you today in life/business and where do you want to be?

-Andrew Schuh: In life, I would say I am still working toward who I want to be and I know where I'm heading. In business, I'd say I'm at the very start. Coworking is a young industry. Enterprise Coworking is a young business with a ton of potential and I plan on turning this brand into a respected and well-known name in Denver and the rest of the US.

You can really feel the energy in Enterprise when you walk in. It's amazing to see how people working on different projects, can spark each other to be better at "their own thing".

What seems to be the business problem or challenges that you have today? what keeps you awake at night?

Andrew Schuh: There's a lot of competition in the industry right now. Many big players are buying smaller spaces and consolidating. The challenge is sticking out and proving yourself as a diamond in the rough. We know we can offer better solutions, but the bigger players have larger budgets and more sophisticated tools. Finding creative solutions to drive leads is both parts of the difficulty and fun.

It's not easy being the new space on the block in Denver, But Enterprise is much more than that.

What made you pick your brand name?

Andrew Schuh: Enterprise is a word we used both in the literal and figurative sense. For one, we are building an enterprise: a purposeful and difficult project achieved through the willingness and energy to achieve something great. In designing Enterprise, we designed our dream workspace. We have a parent company that is not unlike our member companies. Enterprise Coworking is a place that understands the needs of the entrepreneur because that's who we are. We are entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. An Enterprise for aspiring Enterprisers.

There you go! Thats the energy we were talking about earlier ⚡

It was a pleasure getting to know Andrew and Enterprise, this is the type of place that you'll never forget.

Any last comments Andrew? Andrew Schuh: Enterprise Coworking was born from entrepreneurial origins. We anticipate the needs of members and we listen. We take a hospitality approach with how we treat members and guests and want everyone to know that our multiple community managers are here to support you and your dreams. We are flexible, listen to your needs, and provide space that is built for performance. Come check us out in Denver or Greenwood Village for a free day on us! https://enterprisecoworking.com/about/



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