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The Interview with Hub101 is here!!

We met with Greg Monterrosa, Community manager of this eventful co-working space located in WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CALI.

We asked Greg, being his 3rd year as a Community Manager: " What seems to be the business's challenges being faced today? What keeps you awake at night?"

- Scalability, knowing what I need to do today, to build a beautiful tomorrow. -

And hes absolutely right! We are the pioneers in this industry and everything we do now is a pivot for a better, brighter future.

" Exactly - what you are trying to accomplish? "

- To bring Hub101 to regions that need high paying jobs and bring value to entrepreneurs.-

Today, around 75 people become freelancers every day around the world.

" What motivates you to get up and continue what you do today? "

- Giving my tribe hope and building economic development in my community. -

You truly get that feeling inside Hub101's HQ, a sense of family and forward-thinking tribe.

Everyone here at Hub101 is working on amazing projects and even though these are Silicon Valley worthy, it looks like they chose to be part of the Hub101's tribe.

Via: Andres Camilli



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