Updated: Oct 3, 2018

With an exploding coworking space industry, a multitude of spaces are becoming available in a city near you! From social events to excellent facilities it can often times be difficult to target the right space. Here are 6 key aspects to look for in a coworking space.

1- Seating Options

Work preferences differ among entrepreneurs and small business owners. Some employees prefer an individual desk for remote concentration and guaranteed productivity and others enjoy the collaboration aspects of communal tables. Coworking spaces offer various seating options ranging from flexible and dedicated desks to private rooms and office spaces. Take some time to think about what work environment you would prefer and explore the different seating selections available among coworking spaces near you!

2- Meeting Rooms

When growing a business from a small-venture, it is important to have the necessary resources to conduct business calls, meet with potential employees, or collaborate among a small group. Meeting and conference rooms are often times very expensive to rent by the hour, so look for a coworking space that gives you the useful amenity! Coworking meeting rooms should be air-conditioned and fully-equipped with office chairs, whiteboards, digital screens, telephones, and high-speed internet.

3- Location

Even though enjoying the amenities of your coworking space is important, it is nice to have an office space that is situated in a convenient area for you. When choosing the right location, think about travel time from your home, means of transportation, parking options, and surrounding cafes. Maybe you want to be near athletic facilities, running paths, or good restaurants!

4- Event Offerings

Coworking spaces are more than just a professional setting; they are meant to give you a community to rely on and socialize with outside of work. Different coworking office offer a variety of events for community members who are looking to build relationships with other entrepreneurs in the local community. Events range from vibey happy hours and bar nights to free concerts and basketball tournaments. Make sure you are joining a coworking space that will give you more than just a place to work at.

5- Community Leader

You are joining a coworking community in order to avoid the pains of long-term leases, cleaning and maintenance, and reception services. Lots of coworking spaces employ community leaders who are there to make your professional experience an ease. Community leaders are responsible for answering all of your questions, actively creating a network among the space’s members and dealing with any office issues that you do not have the time to solve. Coworking space facilitators are there to make your experience enjoyable and hassle-free.



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