OFFIX Not COFFIX – Coworking Space By Lior David

Updated: Dec 26, 2019

OFFIX is ​​a collaborative workspace network that was founded in Israel by Lior David. The name OFFIX comes from “office” and “fixed” because the idea is that an office should be all-inclusive for a fixed price.

Let’s Meet Lior David – Creating New Coworking Spaces In The City

Did you know the original WeWork was established in Tel Aviv? Lior is inspired by business collaborations and chose Chicago to build OFFIX in the states. ChiTribe visited the Wicker Park location to learn more about Offix and Lior. 

Where did you grow up?

Lior: "I was born and raised in Israel, I was born in Moshav Naham, close to Jerusalem."

Why did you decide to move to Chicago?

Lior "Three years ago, I traveled to Chicago and fell in love. I started to expand my real estate business in this city and have been “commuting” back and forth between Chicago and Israel for the past year."

Why is coworking important to you?

Lior "The business world is changing and running a business requires flexibility. Today, nearly 50% of Americans are full-time or part-time freelancers. I think OFFIX is a great solution for people who need a lot of resources to be successful but do not want to spend not a lot of money and time building an office. 

I strongly believe in mutual assistance within this community. If 30-50 small businesses work in the same space, they will be much more will likely to interact and create mutually beneficial partnerships. Basically, networking is a big part of our business."

What do you do now? 

Lior: " I currently run OFFIX in Chicago. Currently, the company has two collaborative workspace branches open in Pilsen and Wicker Park. We opened these office spaces intentionally in neighbourhoods and not the loop because I believe people want to work close to where they live. We are planning to open a third location within the next six months."


Where did you go to school?

Lior: " I studied electronic engineering before enlisting in the IDF. After the army, I started working in real estate while I pursued an education in business management and marketing."

Tell us more about Offix

Lior: " I define us as a “boutique workspace network”. Most of our spaces are office desks. Our clients are from all types of businesses (high-tech, advertising, marketing, security, tourism, design and more). This is what makes us as a business community. The goal is to bring the office closer to you, save the time and hassle of commuting in public or private transportation every day.

My two goals for OFFIX:

Lior: " Coming to work should be fun to help them earn money.

What is the name based off of?

Lior: " The name OFFIX comes from OFFICE and FIXED. The central idea is that an office should be all-inclusive for a fixed price."

Who is this an office space for?

Lior: " Research shows that working from home can wear down motivation. Collaborative offices that are close to home mean you have to wake up in the morning to go to work actually interact with people. This office space is for anyone that needs accountability." 

Why is OFFIX different than We Work and other coworking spaces?

Lior: "We aim to be part of a neighbourhood community boutique workspaces that are local make your life easier and better. We believe in business and collaborative interactions, but not virtually. For us, it is essential that each community member know each other."

What do you do for fun/to relax?

Lior: " The truth is that I do not have much time for fun right now as I am mainly working. Starting and running a new business in a foreign country with new rules and laws is a huge undertaking so I am pretty busy. I do love sports and trying to meet up with friends in the city. 

And, of course, my family."

Where is the best hummus in your opinion, in all of Chicago?

Lior: " I’m sorry, but as an Israeli, I still haven’t found anything similar. Please send suggestions!"

Hummus is israel is the best

What is your favorite way to spend Shabbat?

Lior: " I like to make myself a nice dinner and rest with a movie. Or I go to Chabad."

Top things on your Chicago bucket list?

Lior: " Go to the beach and see the Chicago Bulls play live."

When the Tribe Gathers… They Are Stronger. 

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