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Meet Rhode Island's Top Coworking Space.

We interviewed Zachary Weinberger, Partner of Sprout Coworking.

4 and half years in the industry has taught him everything there is to know about coworking and he wants to share it with everyone!

-What made you pick your brand name?

We provide a place and community for businesses to flourish. The name Sprout describes that growth and development. Interestingly, our first member was a business called "BusySeed". They came to us to bring a small remote team together and in a short time, they had doubled in size. Soon they outgrew coworking and moved to a permanent office. BusySeed sprouted with us!

-What motivates you to get up and continue what you do today?

I love building and growing a business that participates and contributes to our local external economies and communities as well as supporting our internal coworking community.

-What seems to be the business problem or challenges that you have today? What keeps you awake at night?

Our biggest challenge is finding and educating potential members about the existence and value of coworking. Not much keeps me awake. I do think about continuing to grow our membership base and locations.

-How are your space and your members coping with this unprecedented situation?

In this unprecedented time, we have been taking advantage of local and federal relief programs. Our landlord has been very helpful as well. While our revenue is off 40% and our memberships are off 10% we are very optimistic about the future. As our state of Rhode Island has been relaxing guidelines we have seen an increase in inquiries and even sold some memberships. Meeting room and event room rentals will take a bit longer to come back.

-Which actions did you take in order to remodel and prepare your space in order to keep your tenants and staff healthy?

To safeguard staff and member health we have increased cleaning protocols, decreased density, moved furniture, provided guidelines to users of the space, and require the use of masks when moving about the space or in any public areas.

-How do your members find you today?

We have excellent SEO and anybody looking for coworking in our area will find us. We also run a variety of digital media campaigns and PR programs. Our team is active in local business and networking forums. Word of mouth is also a powerful tool for us.

-How do you see the future? Give us your projection/analysis

We are very optimistic about our future and the future of coworking. We expanded our footprint 25% and signed a new long term lease in March, before the outbreak. We are already seeing a slow increase after a 3 to 4-month hiatus. A new normal will take a year to develop plus or minus. After that, the future is very bright.

Check out this incredible place at Sprout Coworking

If you would like to participate and feature your coworking business, please click here

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