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Inside the coolest space in Finland!

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

We met with Jan Schmidt, CEO, Community and event manager in a coworking space in northern Finland.

Jan has been in business for 5 years in Oulu and we asked him our favorite question:

"What motivates you to get up and continue what you do today? "

- Nice encounters from within our community at Njetworking. Meeting new people who are interested in new alternative ways of working together and creating something bigger than their own companies or products. -

Njetworking is very focused on being a sociable and connected place. In fact, that is the meaning of "Njetworking" .

- Well, that is actually a wordplay that gave way to our brand name: we love to network and feel it is a vital part of doing business. And for us, it feels natural and not like working. So we took a loan from the Russian language were `Njet` stands for NO and combined it with networking to create Njetworking. -

So Noworking means Networking in Russian, a very interesting concept.

" Jan, where are you today in life/business and where do you want to be? "

- Actually I am in the right place now with what I do. No day is the same and there are always new challenges. Trying to be somewhere else or "where you want to be" concentrates on the lack of it not being there and seeing what you actually have right now. -

I agree, chasing dreams is not the same as living in them, appreciate where you are and love the process of where you are going to be.

by: Andres Camilli



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