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Ever Heard of Co-Relaxing?

Staw Otwarty is a 2 hectare garden with a 0.5-hectare lake in the middle and a 100-year old house on the shore. A space surrounded by nature, ideal for small (up to 10) professional groups for strategic meetings, to escape the daily tasks and focus on long-term goals. The house and the garden are all yours. The main room is 30 sq. m large with tables and chairs for 12 people.

Yes, This is actually one of Staw Otwarty's Flex desk options in front of a beautiful lake!

We spoke with Lila I Marek Cichy Co-founders of the coolest coworking space in Warszawa, Poland and they gave us an interesting concept for creative-oriented spaces, Take a look!

Lila I Marek Cichy: We've been running Staw Otwarty since 2016. And what motivates us to get up and continue every day is The conscience that we are running a place which has already helped hundreds of people take a quick break from the city. All the positive reviews of Staw Otwarty on Airbnb, Slowhop, and Facebook. We are also happy not to be working 9 to 5 in a conventional workspace.

See, Staw Otwarty represents a different point of view for the industry.

Work does not have to be in an office building and wearing suits, It can also come as a peaceful environment where you can connect with nature and come in at any time you want.

Goes without saying that members here have more creative endeavors 😃🛸

-Exactly - what you are trying to accomplish?

Lila I Marek Cichy: Maintain this unique place of leisure so close to Poland's capital. Keep up the quality, make a difference and people's life and make a quick refuge available to them.

-Where are you today in life/business and where you want to be?

Lila I Marek Cichy: We've currently achieved state-of-the-art in our current space, it has all the facilities we wanted, bar some cosmetic changes. We're thinking about building a new space, dedicated exclusively to workshops, on the current premises. But the challenge is how to do it without overinvesting. The most state-of-the-art a lake house can be!

-What seems to be the business problem or challenges that you have today? what keeps you awake at night?

Lila I Marek Cichy: Climate change! Our house by the lake faces the challenge of water levels going down, meaning we can one day end up being a lake house with no lake! This summer was terrifying in that respect.

No words 😢

-What made you pick your brand name?

Lila I Marek Cichy: Staw Otwarty means literally "An Open Lake" - the little lake we have is one of our strengths, and we understand the "openness" as being open to initiatives from our clients, be it a workshop, a community gathering, or any other event they come up with.

One of the most clever and well-thought name/metaphor we've seen so far 🚀

Any last comments ?

Lila I Marek Cichy: If you want a break from Warsaw's high-paced life, or you're coming to Warsaw's capital for a stay and want your own refuge in a greener part of the city, come here! https://slowhop.com/en/p/staw-otwarty.html



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