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Coworking in Italy took the biggest hit. inCOWORK is looking at the silver linings.

inCOWORK is a brand created in 2014 by Catalitic, a service company that aims to redevelop abandoned or disused spaces to transform them into coworking spaces. For six years the brand has set itself the goal of creating a workspace based on collaboration between professionals and the sharing of environments, services, and above all common values. Today there are 6 inCOWORK offices: Milan Montegani (via Lodovico Montegani, 23), Milan Washington (via Salvio Giuliano 9), Cusano Milanino (via G. Verdi 17 / D), Cernusco sul Naviglio (Via Torino 24/8) and Villa Guardia (in Como, via Corsica, 8). The last opening was LinkNow powered by inCOWORK, inside Bel Po' Shopping Center in San Rocco al Porto (LO), Piacenza: 600 mq to think, design, and work with the connection of the high-speed network.

-What motivates you to get up and continue what you do today?

The success of inCOWORK comes from the fact that, in addition to being an environment where spaces are shared, it is a place where you can improve your working life, meet people and customers, create business opportunities. A winning format, which for those who join the inCOWORK network means entrepreneurship, talent, cost optimization, and synergy.

-What seems to be the business problem or challenges that you have today? What keeps you awake at night?

Today the biggest challenge is to create a physical and virtual community that goes beyond the professional context. Being part of a community generated by a shared work environment implies a sharing that makes coworking an ideal place for new approaches, ideas, solutions, and relationships.

-How are your space and your members coping with this unprecedented situation?

If initially, the first motivation for approaching the world of Coworking is of an economic nature, as thanks to the sharing of space the rental costs are much lower and attractive, given all the services that are offered in the package, this motivation in a second moment it amplifies and pushes the Coworkers to renew over the years their choice to be part of a coworking creating a true sense of belonging.

Working autonomously, leaving the typical isolation and the feeling of alienation that most freelancers experience working from home, the interest in creating synergies and relationships that decrease the distance between the various nodes of the work network and the need to compare their skills through dialogue with people with different experiences, in addition to the possibility of expanding them, are certainly the main reasons.

From client to Coworker: evolution also passes from creating and maintaining relationships that go beyond just the physical place.

-Which actions did you do in order to remodel and prepare your space in order to keep your tenant health?

Respecting the safety distances and all the parameters imposed by the health emergency is obviously a priority. With not a few complications, but also opportunities: redesigning spaces to keep distances brings back the concepts of flexibility and innovation.

It also offers the opportunity to introduce improvements. For example, the existence of Open Space alternating with private rooms, to be used according to the personality and needs of each. To make our coworkers work in a healthy environment, we have prepared a protocol of behavior and carefully sanitized the premises with ozone, a natural method that eliminates viruses, bacteria, mites, molds, and fungi, removing bad odors and changing of the conditioner filters.

-How do you see the future? Give us your projection/analysis

We would like to soon add new offices on the rest of the national territory and create an extended community, where we can enrich the professional and relational baggage of all members.

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