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The coronavirus era has hindered the ability of coworking spaces to grow, but some operators are trying to find ways to keep members engaged while following CDC guidelines.

The Coven and Fueled Collective, two Minneapolis coworking spaces, closed their doors after Governor Tim Walz issued an executive order that shut down various restaurants and bars. Now, The Coven has introduced a pay-what-you-can digital membership that will go towards virtual events that keep people connected.

“We pivoted our entire business to virtual. So, we have events where you can connect to the community, all on Zoom,” said Alex Steinman, co-founder of The Coven. “Over the course of just a few weeks, we gained 125 new members in our digital community.”

Similarly, Fueled Collective is hosting online activities like virtual happy hours to keep members engaged. Additionally, the firm is offering things like office chairs for those who do not have an ideal home office set up. Members also do not have to pay for their space since it is not being used right now.

“The most creative and the brightest people in the world are working on this issue,” said Kyle Coolbroth, CEO of Fueled Collective. “And now is the time for all of us to step up and do our part and do the right things for our businesses and the people around us.

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