coronavirus - work from home

The spread of the coronavirus is forcing many companies in the economy to work from home, and many managers are facing the need to get their employees to meet tasks within the crisis.

How do you manage your team remotely and help everyone work efficiently?

Working from home sounds like something that may on a daily basis sound nice and tempting, but in practice and especially when it comes to a long-term plan, it proves to be challenging.

Helpful tips and methods for productive work at home:

· Build yourself a neat schedule - build a schedule that includes everything you usually do on an average workday, and create goals to maintain progress.

· Get organized at the technical level

This requires reference to the remote employees management processes and direct and convenient communication through communication tools

1. Create important management lists like "General tasks" and "Company goals".

2. Open groups to contact your employees and to keep them updated.

3. Align and agree on simple ways of effective communication.

· Indoor and outdoor meetings- You can do morning meetings on Skype or Zoom, and you can even spread shorter over the day and find that it works much better than the traditional daily or weekly time of staff meetings

· Don't work 24/7. You know the comfort of your own home, but you do not have to stay glued to the screen for long hours are the ones you would work for if you were traveling to work.

Just set a time for work in advance and be on time.

· Treat yourself. give yourself something small that you like, a kind of positive reinforcement, every time you finish another task.

Work from home here to stay.

However, it is not suitable for every employee.

If you enjoy social connections or intensive teamwork is very important to your success, and you do not like to work without guidance and have difficulty setting boundaries - office work will make you flourish.

If you are introverted, it is difficult for you to concentrate an open space, independent work is comfortable for you and you are able to create a balance between professional and personal life - working from home is for you.



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