12 reasons why entrepreneurs choose coworking

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

Choosing the best place to work to grow your business depends on everything from your personality to your current living and your work style to your budget.

Some try working from home using the kitchen table, while others try a coffee shop and hope the free Wi-Fi connection is good and it’s not too noisy. Others choose a dedicated space where they have the resources they need right there, where they can find a private space to concentrate when they need to, and where they don’t have to hop from one table to another in search of that one precious outlet. We asked a dozen WeWork members to share why they chose to work in a collaborative space.

We built our company 10 times faster

I can honestly say that our growth has been due to us being in a co-location site. As I think about it, this is where we met all of the people we’re working with directly. Our head designer, she came from networking in our building; so did our accountant. We built our company 10 times faster because of the people and the resources and the talent in this building. – Santos Jaime Gonzalez, ManeStreem.com, Philadelphia

To push my business to the next level

I’m an introvert, and I honestly wasn’t sold on co-working when I started out. I’m the type of designer that has her best ideas in a quiet space with zero distractions. I still love my alone time, but my business wouldn’t be where it is today if it weren’t for co-working. I have my dedicated desk where you’ll usually find me busy working, distraction-free, with my headphones on. When I need a break, you will find me in the common areas where I have the opportunity to meet other members whose experiences, successes, and setbacks show me I’m not alone. – Nicola Black, Nicola Black Design, Clementon, New Jersey

So I can recruit the best staff

Economically, it was the cheapest way for our brand to establish a presence, conduct business, and scale. It’s also exciting to work alongside other entrepreneurs grinding away into the wee hours of the morning. Last, but not least, we’re looking for a diverse talented talent pool. It's just easier to recruit when you have a physical address and a support staff that rocks. – Neil Gordon, Global Agricultural Exchange, West Palm Beach, Florida

To be as productive as possible

I find myself being more productive when I'm around productive people. At home, I can't reach that creative and focused mindset that I need to be in because there are too many distractions, and coffee shops are great until you need to take a break. You are kind of bound to staying where your computer is because you don't want to leave your belongings out in the open. A co-working space gives you the freedom to take healthy breaks in between work sessions and come back recharged and refocused. – Beatriz Pardo, MOK2, Miami Beach, Florida

Found best supplier and partnerships

The company started with two people and a vision of providing high quality data science education across the globe. As we grew, we found our best suppliers and most fruitful partnerships through this community. Today, we have clients such as the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Monetary Fund, and students in over 20 countries. – Merav Yuravlivker, Data Society, Washington, D.C.

Because I want to stay motivated

I need an office to keep me motivated. Working from home means I’m going to have a lot of days where I’m sitting around in my underwear, and I don’t shower until 12 p.m. I signed up for a one-person office because WeWork is the perfect location for my business, and I wanted to have first dibs on the bigger offices when I’m expanding, but I also signed up for it because I wouldn’t work very hard without one. – Nick El-Tawil, Tawil & Team, New York

To accomplish more in less time

I estimate I get 25 to 50 percent more work done at WeWork than I would at a coffee shop or from home. A coffee shop would be too distracting, and I wouldn’t last more than a day in the solitude of a home office. The combination of private offices and common areas means WeWork offers the best of both worlds: privacy for when you need to focus and opportunities to socialize for when you feel like being with others. Plus, there is something motivational about not being the only one in the building on a Sunday at 4 p.m. – Nicolaas Koster, Penmon, New York

To meet clients in a professional setting

I need to meet clients in person and be professional in doing this. I like the buzz of a coffee shop, but the music is too loud, and it doesn’t seem professional enough. – Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Consulting

I needed to feel connected to a community

When I first started East Coast Product, I worked from home. Although my workload was about the same, I never felt as productive. Even in my home office, I felt disconnected from my work, and it never felt quite right. Having a space where you are surrounded by pure productivity does wonders for morale and your own productivity. Even if your neighbor works in a completely different industry, it’s incredibly helpful to be in proximity of some like-minded hustlers. – Chris Swenor, East Coast Product, Boston

To offer others my expertise

At home, there are 100 distractions. Working at WeWork removes the distractions, and you get to meet lots of individuals working towards a similar goal: launching and running a successful business. Also, from a business perspective, there are multiple opportunities to help others in the WeWork network with what I do—strategy and social media—so that's a big benefit as well. – Robert Knop, Assist You Today, Orange County, California

To support a growing team

We actually worked out of my apartment for our first year of business, but it eventually got to the point where we just didn't have enough room. (Surprisingly, it's pretty hard to fit 10-plus desks and people into a one-bedroom apartment.) It's motivating seeing all the companies grinding every day. – Paul Murskov, HireKeep, Washington, D.C.

To be exposed to new ideas

When we launched The Spitfire Group, a client offered us space in his office, which was very kind. However, we discovered we were not being exposed to new thinking and ideas, which is so important in a startup. Also, the chance to share your experiences with other entrepreneurs on similar journeys is very affirming. And we want work to be fun. – Stephen Ball, The Spitfire Group, Westminister, Colorado

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