Main Features in Pickspace Property Management Software 

  • Book Meeting Rooms and Amenities Online

    Effortless Booking for You and Your Members

    Provide your members with a simple way to book a room that matches their needs based on location, amenities, size and more. Available on web, mobile (iOS and Android) and tablet.

  • Collect Rent Payments Online 

    Process all your income payment automatically  

    Rent can be collected faster! Offer tenants the convenience of making payments online with easy browser-based access and a handy mobile app.

  • Mobile App

    Run Your Property Management Company from Anywhere with Pickspace's White Mobile Apps

    With Pickspace's client portal you get immediate access to your whole database on your Android, iPhone, and tablet so you can get more work done, enhance client service, and make sure you never run out of storage space.

  • Analytics and Reports

    Turn your data into action

    A powerful analytics platform and actionable insights help you take data-driven decisions and develop business strategies.

  • Document Storage 

    Secure document storage makes every lease, document, insurance policy and notice easy to find.

    Store every lease and agreement

    Upload an unlimited number of attachments and easily share documents with residents or rental owners when the need arises.

  • Owners Portal

    Connect owners and insights, effortlessly

    Let owners see finance reports for their properties, such as profit and loss statements, contributions and draws, and specific transactions you've made. Statements of profit and loss, income, and balance sheets can be viewed on any device.

  • Open API

    Utilize your data to operate more efficiently

    We integrate all of your properties, residents, and accounting information with Quickbooks or other business applications, giving you increased access to the information that matters the most.

  • Maintenance & Issues Management

    Powerful maintenance management tools eliminate paperwork, improve response times, and automate tasks.

    Maintenance tracking is fully integrated with rent roll and accounting. Vendor bills and expenses can be tracked and paid within the system, so you’ll never need to enter data twice.

  • Rental Listings  

    Inventory Management

    Easy set-up and one-touch syndication puts your property listings on all major partner sites.

  • Integration Billing QuickBooks

    Automate Billing with Pickspace and QuickBooks Online

    Put an end to manual work. Make QuickBooks do all the work by providing all the data QuickBooks needs to generate invoices automatically.

  • Multi-location Management

    Manage all locations of your coworking or flex space with ease

    The entire process can be automated to ensure fast and accurate invoicing and billing. Each location can be a separate billing entity so that accounts and documentation are kept separate and easy to manage.

  • Occupancy and Resources

    Visualize and Communicate Availability

    Maintain an accurate picture of your physical space layout, resources, and utilization in a visual and beautiful way.

  • Member Apps

    Pickspace Connect Mobile App

    Available on iOS and Android, Pickspace is fully integrated with the Pickspace management platform, ensuring member and billing data is up to date, as well as any relevant insights.

  • Community and Collaboration

    Improve Visibility of Members and Companies

    Allow members to provide key information about themselves such as Domain Expertise, Social Profiles, and Contact Details.

  • Renters Insurance

    Minimize risk

    Pickspace's self-service renters insurance is fully integrated with MSI, making enrollment easy for your residents and tracking easy for you. Use Renters Insurance to enforce a resident liability insurance requirement for your portfolio.

  • Tenant Screening

    Access full credit, criminal and eviction data

    You can prevent evictions now by performing tenant background checks.

  • Contracts and Memberships

    Keep Track of Memberships

    Manage memberships related to any service or physical resource. Easily filter new movers and companies/members scheduled
    to leave within a given month.
    Run reports including average length of stay, churn, and more.

  • Property Commercial Management

    Gain control over your portfolio with effective property management solutions

    We provide comprehensive technology solutions for real estate occupants, owners, and property managers.

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