Open API

Utilize your data to operate more efficiently

Self-Service API Keys

Authorize your team to create API keys, and retrieve the information they need, in the format that works best for your business.

Why this feature is important for your business 

Access To Key Business Data

Get programmatic access to data within Pickspace and link it to outside tools and systems.

Read-Only Access to the Following Data:

  • Rental Properties

  • Rental Units

  • Leases

  • Rental Tenants

  • Associations

  • Association Units

  • Association Ownership Accounts

  • Association Owners & Tenants

  • GL Accounts

  • Bank Accounts

  • Vendors

  • Lease Ledger

Pickspace Developer Portal
Pickspace’s simple-to-use developer portal walks you through every step of using the API, including how to create API Keys, make your first API request, and how to understand the information you get back.
How To Video here

Toot Shani

Managing Partner Sarona Space

Best-in-class app, I can easily connect with my members with a beautiful interface

Romain Levy

CEO & Co-Founder Urban Place

Invoicing and member payments were never so easy

Nir Kelner


I was impressed with the seamlessly on-boarding and the top-notch customer service. Thanks!




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