Payment Processing

Admin Side

Payment Processing

Admin Side

Payment Processing

Members Side

Process your rent payment automatically  

Increase efficiency & maximize cash flow with automated payment processing

Collect rent more quickly! Give tenants the convenience of making payments online with simple, browser-based access and handy mobile apps.

Reduce data entry, human error and banking fees with Yardi CHECKscan. Checks are scanned, uploaded and automatically deposited into your account.

Scan batches of personal, corporate, bill pay and cashier’s checks as well as money orders to greatly reduce processing time. Instantly create receipt batches in Voyager for all items and permanently store the image files — so you don’t need to make copies.

Collect rent and association fees

Get paid faster with online payments

Automated collections and payments for rent, fees, and bills.

Cut payment processing time up to 70 percent! Residents can authorize their bank accounts or credit cards in the resident site, and then set up a recurring payment schedule. Rent will never be late, because it’s deposited into your bank account automatically.


Accept application fees


For rental properties, when potential residents submit their online rental application, they have the option to securely provide their credit card or bank information. Any related application fee will be charged to their account.

Tenants can log in, view their account balances and pay directly from a bank account or with a credit or debit card. Online payments are entered directly into Yardi Voyager, with automatic deposits and easy bank reconciliation.

Pay owners and vendors

Pay your own bills through Buildium, and they’ll be automatically recorded, thanks to a fully integrated general ledger accounting platform.

We’re excited to give our tenants an ACH payment option through Yardi Payment Processing and automate bank deposits with Yard


“Very easy to pay my invoices every month”


“The portal is very user friendly”

Book Meeting Rooms Online

Book Meeting Rooms Online

Book Meeting Rooms Online

Effortless Booking for You and Your Members

Allow your members to find and book the ideal room based on location, amenities, size, and more. Available on web, mobile (iOS and Android), and tablets.

Set Rules for Meeting Room Booking and Cancellation

Multi-location support

Advanced search options

Android and iOS mobile apps

Meeting room tablet app


Don't take if from us

"OfficeRnD is taking a huge administrative burden out of our location level. You’ve done a great job of developing and integrating reporting, accounting and the member facing experience in one platform."


kane willmott_iq offices

Kane Willmott

Co-founder and CEO | iQ Offices

Boost Your Meeting Rooms Monetization and Usage

Set permissions for how, when, and by whom a meeting room can be booked and define your own cancelation policies. Change it up for every space, level, or location.


Maximum booking durations

Back-to-back bookings

Recurring bookings

Tentative bookings

Booking cancelation policies

Active vs Non-active member bookings

Mobile App

Run Your Property Management Business from Anywhere with AppFolio's Mobile Apps

AppFolio customers have instant access to their entire database on their Android, iPhone, or tablet while working in the field. You'll always be connected, getting more work done, and providing excellent customer service to owners and renters.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Solve problems, answer questions and provide outstanding customer service to your renters, owners, and vendors from anywhere.

Send emails or click to call directly from the application.

Find your destination in seconds with integrated maps.

Take photos while conducting mobile inspections and instantly attach them to the record in AppFolio.

Add important notes as well as enter, edit, and view work orders.


Agents love the mobile app because they can pull up tenant information while they are out in the field.”

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports

Transparency from Property to Portfolio

Generate property management reports either for the property level or the portfolio level. Our reporting module delivers financial and operational insight to key stakeholders, managers, and investors. The easy-to-use module exports hundreds of reports and offers customizable reports that can be delivered ad-hoc or in batch scheduling

Not a Dashboard, It is a BoardRoom.

The Boardroom provides data in real-time that aligns with the way you do business so that you can measure and manage metrics to optimize performance. See your entire organization in real-time, on one screen, with strategic views of critical business metrics across your portfolio, region, or specific property.


“The accounting and reporting modules are easy to use and navigate. The knowledge library has helpful videos too! Completely satisfied. Keep up the great job!"

Analytics & Insights

Turn your data into action

Powerful analytics and actionable insights let you drive your business with data-driven decisions and strategies.


Get Personalized Data Insights

See real-time performance, set goals, and use personalized data insights to strategically manage and grow your business.


Compare Industry Benchmarks

Compare your data with industry benchmarks and similar companies. See how you stack up against the competition and uncover the choices that’ll unlock your business’ potential.


Stay Informed

Keep staff members and clients informed about key analytics through clear, easy-to-read data visualizations.

Document Storage 

Document Storage 

Document Storage 

Secure document storage makes every lease, document, insurance policy and notice easy to find.

Store every lease and addendum

Upload an unlimited number of leases, policies, addenda, receipts, meeting minutes, inspection reports, floor plans, and maps. Access them anytime, from anywhere. Easily share documents with residents or rental owners when the need arises.

Find what you need

Each resident profile includes contact information and lease status, which can be found by searching by property, phone number, or last name, from anywhere inside the app.

Send notices via mail or email

When you need to send out a notice or reminder, create your own letters or emails with pre-populated templates. Or, create your own. When you need to send a paper notice, EZMail will print and send them for just $0.80 per mailing.


‘’Buildium is an integrated system that has always put us ahead of the competition.”

Owners Portal

Owners Portal

Owners Portal

Owner Portal

Connect owners and insights, effortlessly

Share financial reports in real time

Give owners access to profit and loss statements, contributions and draws, and specific transactions you’ve made on behalf of the property. Balance sheets, income statements, and a number of other financial reports are available from any device.

Share important documents

Upload receipts, leases, and other important items to the built-in document sharing system so property owners can access them anytime.

Streamline communication

Use any of our email and mailing templates to send notices to owners, or easily create your own. Prefer snail mail? EZMail will automatically print and send written documents for just $0.80 per mailing.

Everything Your Residents Need in a Single, Intuitive Platform


Submit Work Order Requests

In today’s digital age, residents expect a seamless, digital-first experience. With ResMan, you can exceed their expectations. Our intuitive, user-friendly online portal gives residents all the tools they need to stay in the know, manage maintenance requests, access important documents, and more.


Make Payments

Residents can quickly and easily submit work orders when they need maintenance support. They can upload images to ensure property managers and operators understand what’s required to address the issue. Residents can track the work order within the portal, giving them visibility through the entire process.


Store Your Documents

ResMan’s online portal is integrated with an open API, unrestricted payment provider, so residents can make payments within the portal. Residents can view payment history, balances, and receipts.

Property managers can add documents to the online portal for either the resident or the household so users can easily access the important documents they need anytime, anywhere.

Update Your Calendar

Keep residents in the know with the online portal’s customizable calendar. Property managers can add recurring events or planned maintenance to the calendar so residents can see everything that’s going on in one place.

Send Package Notifications

Notify residents when their packages arrive. Residents can see tracking numbers, who the package is from, and all pickup history within the portal.


“They can go right in and create a task...and we can let them know that we’re already on the task”

Open API

Utilize your data to operate more efficiently


Free your data with Open API

Buildium’s Open API integrates your most critical property, resident and accounting data with your other business applications, to provide increased access and insight into what matters most.

Self-Service API Keys

Authorize your team to create API keys, and retrieve the information they need, in the format that works best for your business.


Get programmatic access to data within Buildium and link it to outside tools and systems

Access To Key Business Data

Read-Only Access to the Following Data:


Rental Properties

Rental Units


Rental Tenants


Association Units

Association Ownership Accounts

Association Owners & Tenants

GL Accounts

Bank Accounts


Lease Ledger

Property Commercial Management

Property management solutions that work for you

Get comprehensive technology for today’s real estate owners, occupiers and property managers.

Gain control over your portfolio with effective property management solutions

Our property management solutions will enable you to manage your real estate operations as effectively as possible. Let’s face it — as a residential or commercial property manager, you need to cover all the bases from leasing and maintenance to finance. You also need to attract and retain tenants and residents to maintain occupancy, and manage your overall real estate portfolio in an increasingly competitive market. This means you need the freedom to tailor software to fit your process, not the other way around.


Access property data anytime, anywhere with web-based property management solutions.


Manage your residential and commercial properties under one comprehensive and flexible system.


Simplify the resident and tenant experience with online portals that increase engagement and empower communication.


Foster reliable, accurate collaboration by working off one set of data across your business.


Optimize retail operations and automate complex lease calculations to maximize performance.


Scale your business and adapt to strategic shifts with software that grows with you.


MRI gives us the flexibility to integrate both the proprietary and third-party solutions that power our technology operations. Our centralized shared services group relies on MRI’s property management and billing solutions to handle property operation transactions.

Mona Stahling | Senior Vice President of Operations and Support - AvalonBay

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