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From scheduling rooms to live chat, features tailored to make it simple for the co-working space manager to focus on their community in a beautifully designed interface.

Whether you are a coworking space manger, entrepreneur hub manager or accelerator partner,

we can help you grow your community. 



Meeting Rooms Scheduling

Let your members instantly find and book the ideal meeting room for them based on availability and amenities

Easy login

Working in more than one location? Instantly change your location to view local venue 

News feed

Find new social & business opportunities in your community and stay updated about events and activities in your space

Benefit Wall

Discounts negotiated for members only by external vendors or local member

Invoicing and Payments

Easily pay your membership and see a history of all your payments/invoices

Events Calendar

Expose your members to a world of events in your space. It will help you build a stronger community!



Analytics & Live Reports

Get smart insights about your location utilization

Manage Easily
see your goals, profit, space occupation and more information in a readable and easy way
Community App

Engage in conversation with your community members 

Messaging system

An easy tool for members and managers to keep in touch

Invoicing and Payments

Keep track of payments between you and your members

Satisfaction Bars

Live report on site which you can see how happy your clients are!

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Toot Shani

Managing Partner Sarona Space

Best-in-class app, I can easily connect with my members with a beautiful interface

Romain Levy

CEO & Co-Founder Urban Place

Invoicing and member payments were never so easy

Nir Kelner


I was impressed with the seamlessly on-boarding and the top-notch customer service. Thanks!

Pickspace is global -
Over 1000+ contracted locations around the world!

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