Community and Collaboration

Improve Visibility of Members and Companies

Improve Visibility of Members and Companies

  • Allow members to include key information about themselves such as Domain Expertise, Social Profiles, Contact Details.

  • Expose Members and Companies (if they choose to be exposed). Allow for a quick search based on any type of profile info or specific skills (such as marketing, accounting, etc..)

  • Privacy options are available and allow members to hide bits of their profile or completely remove their visibility.

Why this feature is important for your business 

Nurture Relationships With Online Collaboration
  • Use dashboards that expose timeline posts, show what’s new and upcoming today and highlight upcoming events (RSVP included).

  • Enable real-time collaboration with in-app messages or use Pickspace’s integration with Slack to allow members to start a chat with 1 click.

Promote community events and benefits in PickSpace property management software .png
Promote Community Events and Benefits
  • Create events with ease and allow members to RSVP to measure interest. Use Pickspace’s integration with Zapier to automatically push events you’ve created to multiple platforms such as Facebook and Eventbrite.

  • Showcase benefits and perks of you’ve secured for your community.

How To Video here

Toot Shani

Managing Partner Sarona Space

Best-in-class app, I can easily connect with my members with a beautiful interface

Romain Levy

CEO & Co-Founder Urban Place

Invoicing and member payments were never so easy

Nir Kelner


I was impressed with the seamlessly on-boarding and the top-notch customer service. Thanks!




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